The Paramita of Wisdom

Wisdom arises from our experience of meditation. It is an innate part of our existence, it’s always there but we cannot see it unless we look. Looking within in the laboratory of our mind is not as easy as one might think. We have distractions and overwhelming feelings especially fear that must be overcome. This takes practice, but it’s worth it.

Many of us know an older wiser friend, they have experienced many things good and bad in life. This is what we call the wisdom of experience. While this is great to have such wisdom it does not compare to someone who also has the wisdom of experience from looking within for many years. This immer wisdom is only found on the medication cushion. The great Milarepa told his student Gampopa said if you want my realisation you need to meditate like me. He lifted his cloak to show him his calloused bottom to drive the point even further home. Real and lasting wisdom can only be achieved with meditation. And only through wisdom, will we be able to discriminate between illusion and reality. So the real question is how wise do we want to be?


Are Buddhists, Neuroscientists, and Quantum Physicists saying the same thing in different languages? Let's finally bring the three together and have an enlightening discussion.

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