The Paramita of Meditation

The fifth Paramita of Meditation changes the way we think on a profound level. We form new patterns of thinking on the meditation cushion. We develop a habit of looking within instead of outwards. We don’t get all caught up in our thoughts and emotions we let them arise, rest with them for a moment, and then watch them leave. Think about how funny it would be if Mike Tyson fought Woody Allen. This is how we need to see how difficult it is to wrestle with one’s distractions and habitual thoughts. Woody is the perfect symbol here as he reminds us how important humour is and not taking ourselves too seriously can help while all along still being intellectually active when up against the angry, jumping up and down, fists flying Mike Tyson. In the beginning, we might feel like we have to wrestle our distractions or Monkey Mind and beat them into the ground, I sure tried. But like all meditators sooner or later we realise the futility and begin to rest in the chaos that is our minds, humor and ease go together here hand in hand. We begin to look past or through our mess and behind all the pictures that we project onto our lives, we begin to notice the beautiful reflection of ourselves in all that is. Not only do we see the projection screen we see the projector as well. This is where the real development begins.

Meditation is simply the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves. It is here where Wisdom arises. Wisdom is our sixth and final Paramita.

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