Breath Meditation 2 Light and Breath

After one has mastered or feels confident with the breath exercise in Breath and meditation 1, we can move on to the next step on the path. We will now begin to work with energy in the form of colours and light while we breathe and begin to use our chakras as a focus within the meditation. As before we sit with good posture on our meditation cushion and follow our breath for 5-20 seconds or however long it feels comfortable and fresh. Once comfortably in the meditation, we inhale air that has a bright white colour, as it passes our larynx or our throat chakra and nears our lungs it slowly turns bright red. Our attention lowers and focuses on our diaphragm and then our chakra four fingers below our navel. As we exhale the red light moves upward and gradually becomes bluer. As the air passes our heart chakra it becomes completely blue until it leaves from our mouth or nose. Once this practice becomes comfortable we may introduce vibrations and feel them throughout our body. We say and feel OM as we inhale, AH as our lungs are full and our focus is on our diaphragm and HUNG as we exhale outwards. We repeat for as long as we wish.
When we want to finish the meditation, we see or think that everything is fresh and new and that all beings may feel the peace and joy we experienced in the meditation and we wish that all beings may realise enlightenment.


Are Buddhists, Neuroscientists, and Quantum Physicists saying the same thing in different languages? Let's finally bring the three together and have an enlightening discussion.

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