About Quantum Awareness

Hi, I am Quantum Preceptor or QP for short. Welcome to my journey to understanding the multifaceted and strange relationship between Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Buddhist meditation and Buddhist philosophy. My aim here is to help us all to understand how all are a path to exploring and understanding mind, god (if there is one), and the universe.

Many scientists and medical professionals are uncomfortable with the questions that Quantum Physicists and modern Neuroscientists are asking, many Buddhists do not understand and are intimidated by the complex ideas and equations of Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Physicists do not understand the old and often mistranslated ideas conveyed in Buddhist texts 2000 years old. The field of neuroscience is so vast and complex asking many philosophical questions many do not know where to begin, if at all. Could they all be trying to answer the same age-old questions? How and why do we exist and what role does the relationship between mind and brain play in our perception of the physical world, and is this a more modern idea of god?

I am not a scientist, I am Buddhist. Although I have a very great interest in science, one might say that I missed my calling in life, one that I have gained another chance at through my journey studying Buddhism. If I write anything here that is contrary to the common understanding of Quantum Mechanics or Neuroscience, please talk to me, I am here to learn and to share.



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26 thoughts on “About Quantum Awareness”

  1. My first point is we need to open to what changes that may come. Accusations of breaking samaya etc, demands on what the other side must agree to and so on, will not lead to reconciliation. If one side thinks that it needs to “win” then that too is no good.


      1. So you know a bit about me from my blog. Here is a bit more. I am 45 years old, practicing Buddhist for 10 years and I identified as a Buddhist for at least 10 years prior to that. I am completing my second Ngondro and I practice the 8th Karmapa lamia naljor meditation. I meditate daily travel a lot mostly dharma related for lectures teachings and retreats. I read a lot and almost all of what I read is Dharma.
        I hope you can share about yourself as well. And please that I will delete this entry as well as any entry that you wish me to.


        1. I am in my 50s. Have been practicing for about 25 years. Have done 2 1 year retreats – done the ngondro a couple of times and may do it again before I die – if my body is able. Student of the late Akong Rinpoche. Mainly practice chod and mahamudra at the moment.


        2. Very cool we have some great things in common. My lama encourages us all to do ngondro and most of us consider it to be a life practice along side our yidam of the 8th Karmapa. But I know what you mean about the body, oh the knees…
          I have not had the opportunity to do any 1 year retreats but I do at least two weeks every year. And honestly Lama Ole likes us to be out in the world, productive, as best of an example as we can be for the Buddha Dharma but still practice all the time.

          Openness is required that’s for sure we simply don’t know what will happen or what will change we only know that it will change. And in winning, well we might both win just differently or in different ways as in a compromise. What is your next point?


  2. I suppose my next point in all this is we all need to be aware that there more going on than our own agendas in all this.

    We do not know who approached who. We must assume pure motives for the benefit of the lineage. We need to reserve judgement as things develop – you can be sure that the likes of China will try to interfere in this (I’ve already seen a doc in Tibetan purportedly signed by both Karmapas where TD says he is resigining – don’t worry I reckon it’s a fake). See on this page https://dharmawheel.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=29644&start=40#p468772

    We will no doubt see obstacles when things do become clearer and of course objections as various vested interest groups within and outside the lineage.


    1. That’s a great blog thanks for sharing that. As far as who approached who it doesn’t really matter to me. Someone had to do it. Problems can only be solved by speaking to one another. I am sure they will meet again, dialog is crucial.

      I am sure as well that the Chinese will interfere. They have been all along, they have very strong interests in this matter.

      And if TTD had quit we would have known about it, in an English or German publication.
      As for our own agendas, this is a tough one. You have one I have one. Actually it’s great as it is only the richness of space that allows for this. The only agendas that really matter are those of about 6 or 8 Lamas, in our lineage. If we can manage your two points how do you propose to deal with the horrible things that were done?


      1. Well to answer youre question – it would depend on the solution. I think both sides have different stories and different versions of what happened that serve their own interests and they both often conveniently forget what is inconvenient.

        I know for example, many folks on OTD’s side really do not like your teacher – mainly because of his links to the European far right and his relationships with students over the years (perceived or real). I do not know how I would react if I was asked to accept him back as legitimate teacher for the lineage.

        But I guess we will have to reach a point – like after a apartheid in South Africa – where we say the past is the past and we must forgive and move on. If we don’t we’ll repeat the same recriminations until the Karma Kagyu becomes irrelevant.


        1. Ok so let be more specific, how would you deal with let’s say the two situations at Rumtek when the monks were run out of the place and the assault on KIBI in Delhi. How do people generally interpret this on your side? How can one live and let live without an apology or some attempt to acknowledge what had happened?


  3. The problem with either side believing that it is owed an apology for specific things is where does it stop? It descends into whataboutery. You seem to think that TTD’s side is all clean. It’s not.

    What about when Shamar entered Rumtek with armed guards? What about when Shamar used his connections in the Indian Secret Service to thwart OTD’s travel? What about this all being a plot by Shamar and his cousins to hi-jack the lineage so the XVI Karmapa’s family could continue to profit from it? What about TTD’s faction attempting the thwart the will of the vast majority of KK lamas and their followers?

    You see what I mean?

    The only way forward here is for both sides to apologise for all and any errors on their side and agree to move on.

    As regards Rumtek – that’s an interesting one. Lots of legal stuff here. I would hope, when this is resolved, monks from both sides could co-exist at Rumtek. How it would be resolved and in whose favor I could not guess


    1. Dear warrenz I do not think my side is clean especially if seen from your side. That’s why I asked you to tell me what you thought about those two instances. Thank you that you gave me more than I asked for. I would love to know even more grievances your side has. We need to listen to each other. I would 100% agree that an apology is due to everyone for everything that happened. But first there must be an open and honest discussion and I cannot stress honesty enough here. We need to openly admit some very difficult things to each other then ask for and provide heartfelt apologies and the necessary forgiveness. I mean this even if it requires some special council or something similar everyone needs to be heard and acknowledged. I cannot see true reconciliation without something like this. How else will trust begin to grow.

      As far as the court case goes for the clarification of Rumtek the final decision must be honored by all. Coexistence should not be a big deal. But before any of this can happen Gyatsab Rimpoche needs to provide his sworn deposition to the court for this to happen. They are waiting for him, he cannot not respond to this. To provide ones honesty to the courts is a minimum standard for civilized societies.


      1. To be honest QP, I see an insistence in some of your questions that your side has been wronged and until my side can admit it is acting in bad faith you will not be happy. It is this attitude I think we need to forget.

        Having thought of this over the last week, I think we should not have any big expectations. Unless there is something driving this meeting that we are unaware of (such as either OTD or TTD deciding they will step down in favor of the other – something I do not believe) it is unlikely that there will be much progress.

        The best I think we can expect is each side treating the other with more civility. A rapprochement helps OTD because it will help ease his biggest problem – the distrust of the Indian Govt (a distrust largely fuelled by Shamar R). The rapprochement also helps TTD because it provides recognition for him with the greater Karma Kagyu lineage.

        For the time being that may be all that is achieved. In the 20+ years of the dispute many things were done and said by both sides. It will take a long time to overcome these – even if both sides express remorse.

        In 5 years time, I still see 2 Karmapas – neither of whom will visit Rumtek or wear the Black Hat. Will teachers from either side visit each other centers? I don’t know. Perhaps there will be a joint monlam one day. Who knows?

        if only all the blaming and pointing of fingers will stop, that would not be insignificant.


        1. Well I do see some very positive things. People are talking with civility to one another. You and I for example, and you know for example yours and my teachers could not be further apart from one another and yet we are talking. And it is because of this meeting between the two Karmapas. You are right that I believe my side has been wronged and we do need some sort of an apology. You should also know I think I am quite moderate. I know from you and from life in general that the truth is always somewhere in the middle. The truth always wants to come out and it will when good people start talking to one another.
          I must thank you I am quite happy to have met your acquaintance and to see some level headed and compassionate wisdom on your side.

          One more question, and I mean this respectfully. You mentioned earlier that you expected more interference from the Chinese. I agree they will try something. But how do you see their involvement up to now. Was their recognition of OTD a blessing or a curse for your side?


  4. The recognition by the Chinese has been a curse clearly. But you have to understand the historical context for why it was done. I think Tai Situ (in consultation with other lamas – including HHDL) thought that Deng Xiaoping’s liberal poiicy in regard to Tibet meant a sea change for Tibetans. I think they also thought that having a senior figure like the Karmapa in Tibet would give hope to the Tibetan people and perhaps make it easier for a return of HHDL one day.

    He was wrong. Badly wrong. After Deng, Hu’s policy was hardline and the Karmapa became a prisoner in Tsurphu. Leading to his escape in 2000 because he was coming under pressure to denounce HHDL or be disappeared like the Panchen Lama was in 1995.

    In India, the Secret Service – always paranoid about Chinese influence after the war over Sikkim in the early 60s – and with, alas, some encouragement from Shamarpa, have made OTD virtually a prisoner in a Gelug monastery for many years. Things did improve after Shamarpa’s passing but, despite repeated statements by HHDL and the Tibetan Govt in Exile that OTD is in no way a Chinese puppet, the issue has lead the Indian Govt to curb his activity.

    OTD will not visit CHina – it would be suicide for him. Indeed, he has said it would only be with HHDL. TTD visits Hong Kong with impunity. OTD cannot do that and may never be also to do so. It’s sad and it annoys me that OTD gets accused of being a spy. He cannot visit his family and cannot return home and find his activity curtailed for no good reason. No wonder he feels frustrated.


    1. Dear Warrenz

      I understand your worries about endless discussions I don’t want them either but a blanket “sorry” is very likely not enough. Maybe it’s my Canadian culture and upbringing but when I wrong someone I should own up to it completely and apologize. For something this big a blanket sorry from both sides is likely to appease only 10% of us westerners and who knows how many Tibetans, I can’t speak for them. They are likely to something different. I bet if you ask yourself you also know I have a point here. Things are not so different in England, are they? Trust needs a seed to grow and the seed is the truth. And yes the truth is something I believe we both need to plant.

      The Chinese curse is a tough one, and for many a make it or break it point. Especially those from the better dead than red generation. I think you articulated your side very well but this is a point that almost everyone I know who sees it in connection with the allegations of money laundering in India and Panama as only a continuation of bad decisions and unbecoming behavior on part of a Karmapa whether or not it was his organization who acted alone.
      I feel for you and your Karmapa, actually I cried when I watched is monlam address. I could feel his pain, he is really between a rock and a hard place. This sidestepping of India may not work out to well for him, but India is hard to understand, it really is a difficult place. If he truly is personally innocent then he really has suffered the worst management possible. I feel sorry for him regardless and yes I am sure mistakes were made on my side as well, but we never hoped in bed with the Chinese. And yes I know TTD can go to HK I have seen him there personally, TTD did have some supporters and interests in China as well. I am sure this has already or will change as well, as the freedoms in HK are slowly withered away for everyone.

      Do you think that this is a Tibetan only problem or are we westerners now directly involved as serious practitioners and supporters?
      Has the Dalai Lama been a blessing or a curse as well for you guys?

      Once again thank you for your time and openness,



      1. OK lets deal with the money laundering issue first. As a refugee, Karmapa legally restricted in what banking he can do nor is he allowed to buy land in India. So what does he do with the donations that he gets from followers from all over the world who come to visit him? If he keeps it onsite, as in 2011, he gets accused of money laundering – that charge finally dropped. But he can’t spend the money on anything but expenses so where does he put it? – offshore is the only option if he wants to keep it. You know, this accusation is like tying a man’s hand behind his back and then accusing him of being rude for not shaking hands. Karmapa would not have to keep large amounts of cash onsite or use offshore accounts if he were treated fairly by the Indian Govt. And that unfair treatment was encouraged unfortunately by Shamar Rinpoche, sadly.

        As regards the working with Chinese, I have to ask what does Thaye Dorje, Shamarpa’s and Ole’s groups do for the millions of Tibetans in Tibet? To bring any support or charity there you have to work with the Chinese. No one likes it but it is a fact of life. The only alternative is to let Tibetan culture die in Tibet. It has proved a burden for my side – my own teacher was murdered by robbers because of money he was bringing to charity projects in Tibet – but we have to do something!

        I feel that your group likes to consider itself separate from “Tibetans”. Something alas encouraged by Ole Nydahl’s dubious politics but the lineage is now both East and West and most encompass both. The Tibetans need to see our practice as legitimate and we need to embrace or co-religionists both in Tibet and in the diaspora.

        One thing I am really sad about in the split is the way in which your side has decided to cut itself off from the blessings of the Dalai Lama. It’s a real pity. He is a great Bodhisattva and his influence has been benign and impartial. I know that Shamarpa did not see it that way but I’ll perhaps explain in another post why my side sees Shamarpa as the real problem in all of this controversy.


        1. Shamar R is seen as the cause of this split by my side. Basically, he is viewed as trying to take over the lineage for the benefit of himself and his family. As the official recognition of the Shamarpa was suspended for several centuries, the last Shamarpa, unlike Tai Situ, Gyaltsap, or Jamgon Kongtrul, had no labrang, monasteries or lineage relics. Because of this, he was very keen to re-establish the primacy of the Shamar tulkus in the lineage.

          Also when there is new tulku, the family of the old tulku will no longer have the perks that come from being in the entourage and often try to interfere. Shamar’s cousin Topgala, tried to pack the labrang with people friendly to him to ensure the XVIth Karmapa’s family would continue to control the institution of the Karmapa.

          In attempting to do this, Shamarpa tried to take control of Rumtek (even though Jamgon Kongtrul has been the main overseer of the monastery in the period after Karmapa XVI’s death). He also decided, that he alone was the only one with the authority to recognize the XVIIth Karmapa. Unfortunately, no one else saw it that way. Tai Situ, Gyaltsap, Jamgon Kongtrul, Sangye Nyenpa and several other lama’s had historically made initial recognitions of Karmapa – even in the period when Shamarpa tulkus were recognized.

          The reason why Shamarpa got no support from any other Kagyu lama who was not his relative or student was because his claim was seen as a power grab. Furthermore, Chogyur Lingpa’s prophesy of the 21 Karmapas was interpreted to indicate that the 17th Karmapa’s guru would be Tai Situpa. To be honest, itihnk your side really has to ask itself the question, if Shamar R was right – why did he get so little support from other lineage lamas? Are they stupid, or are they corrupt? If you think either, it would be better to join a different lineage, I think.

          The Dalai Lama’s acceptance of Situ and Gyaltsab R’s recognition of Ogyen Trinley meant that other lineages accepted him too. Make no mistake though, if anyone thought that the Dalai Lama was trying to collude with Situ to control the lineage, there would be a revolt. Tibetans claim a lot of support for HHDL but they will speak up against him in lineage matters.


        2. Hi Warrenz, thanks again for your time and your thoughtful responses I do appreciate you. On the issue of money laundering, anyone can understand that there are difficulties for the Tibetan refugees in India. However, if you live in a foreign land and don’t follow the rules especially if this land has saved you from suffering or persecution, you should leave and find something more agreeable. I am not a refugee but I have chosen to live in another country other than my homeland. If I for any reason don’t like it here, and cannot follow the law of the land I should also leave. And there were and are other options for OTD to find a place of residence. Bhutan or Nepal should have been very easy for a lama of his stature.
          The money in Panama that is clearly illegal, is even more suspect because the administration of the said $1,000,000,000 was the very same as that of several officials in the Chinese politburo. The same people. Warrenz, a billion dollars, man that is really a whole lot of money to be donated to him by his followers, the poor Tibetan refugees and a few westerners. You have to admit this is a really big stretch of the imagination to whitewash this one away. That’s way worst than Osho and his Rolls Royces, in my humble opinion, and we all know what happened to him. OTD is lucky that India’s legal system is often ineffective for almost everyone. So what is OTD doing with this enormous amount of blood money to help the refugees and those still suffering Chinese control in Tibet? I am sorry to say he is doing nothing with China’s monet except hiding it. Dear Warrenz, I do understand that this is a big problem for OTD’s followers because I do understand the student-teacher relationship and doing ones best to see him as a Buddha, but the Buddha was not stupid and either am I. Warrenz I say with all the respect I have for our lineage and for you my Dharma brother. Illegal activity is contrary to every Buddhist teaching there is. There is no excuse no matter how badly you feel the government who gave you refuge is treating you. Don’t you think so? Is this right resolve , action, of conduct? How will karma react to him here, maybe it already is acting?
          As for what we do to be charitable is easy to answer, and thanks for asking. Since we have no billionaires or rich governments we can only act in small ways but we are many so we can be effective. My family personally sponsors two aged monks and the Karmapas health organization that we have to give free healthcare to monks in India, Bhutan, and Nepal. We are blessed with many healthcare professionals in our sangha and I don’t know a single one of them that has not done several tours of service. It is only natural that we also support the western sangha we have without a doubt the largest network of Buddhist Centres and retreat centres all built with our own efforts and hands and in the name of the 16th Karmapa. Like it or not, no other lama has been able to give refuge to hundreds of thousands of students and deeply inspire them to study and practice the Buddha Dharma. Politics aside it is a fact.

          Here is a personal story from me. Last year I visited Rumtek, I met three people who left me with a lifelong impression. I would like to share them with you, if I may? This is the story of the first person. I attended a long life puja in Sharmapa’s house 2km under Rumtek. The house is famous because this is where the injured monks and novice children from Rumtek sought refuge after that attack. I was the only white guy there. An older but very beautiful Tibetan lady sat next to me at the back of the Gompa. During the break when we all ate, she could not help but ask me who I was and why I was there. The moment I mentioned Ole’s name big tears started to roll down her cheeks. She told me that when she, her family, and friends escaped Tibet they had lost everything. But when they came to Gangtok they met the 16th Karmapa and Hannah, Ole’s late wife. She began to tell me how lucky I was, to have such a great Bhodisatva as a teacher. She said that the vast majority of Tibetans she knew, knew little about Buddhism and that after a puja or event Hannah would always sit and explain the rituals and their meanings along with the Buddha dharma. She paused, held my hand and said: “Hannah taught me all I know about the Buddha dharma, she made it real not just for me but for all of us.” Hers weren’t the only wet cheeks that day. Is this an example of right livelihood?

          I clearly understand the need to have someone to blame when something like this happens. We, of course, blame Situ and Akong this is no secret. But do you really feel that Sharmapa single-handedly made the Indian government single out and punish OTD? I have met the Sharmapa quite a few times and I think he was a strong and influential man. But this seems a bit too much he could not have done that alone unless there was some evidence and in which case, there was then the evidence would have spoken for itself. The Indian secret service is not stupid and would not act on the word of just one man.

          When Akong began cooperating with the Chinese he was named in honour of his work as a living Buddha or something like that wasn’t he? Many Tibetans benefited from cooperation with the Chinese I know that we all know that, and honestly no one can blame them for wanting to go home and or support their families in Tibet, no one. Sorry to get all Sunday with you here but if you sleep with the devil prepare to get burnt or in China one suffers Lingchi. Every lineage, the Sakyapas, Nyingmapas, and Gelugpas have all suffered greatly from Chinese interference with the leadership should we believe that we are special and that we have not? It was all too easy for China to exercise their “soft power” to mess with us. Since the return of the Sharmapa, Situ, Jamgon, and Gyatsab all sat one throne lower in front of the Karmapa in Rumtek, the new kid on the block was not welcome. I am sorry to say that even high Lamas have disturbing emotions like jealousy. They wanted to get rid of him and grab back the power that they had lost.

          The second person I met was my tour guide who worked for the Dharma Chakra Center at Rumtek, he led me around the monastery and lied the entire time. He actually told me that Situ sat on the throne that was obviously Sharmapa’s, the highest one. He left him out completely, and when I asked about the fourth throne and who sat there, he moved on. When we came to the Stupa I saw a wealthy Chinese man paying a monk to be let into the room behind the protective glass, he was able to touch the stupa and sit for a while and was blessed with the 16th Karmapa’s Dorje. Naturally, I asked if I could join him, I was flatly denied. Who is profiting from what here? Was this right speech?

          When the 10th Sharmapa had his dispute with the 6th Panchen Lama he was demonised forbidden to reincarnate and all his monasteries were forcibly converted to Gelugpa overnight. You know the story and you know the Sharmapa was innocent. And anyone who has done a little reading about Tibetan history knows that the Kagyus had started several hundred years earlier than any other sect with the reincarnated lamas. This is a great system for amassing wealth. And with one fell swoop, they had taken much of the Kagyu organisation. There were times when even the Karmapas were travelling around in tents afterwards. All was not well and happy in Shangrila. The Gelugs did it to the Kadampas as well very early on in their history and it is no surprise to me that this story continues today with HH the Dalai Lama meddling in our affairs. Don’t get me wrong, I like him he is a really nice old man and is really personable and after giving Tibet to China he has done much to mitigate the suffering of many but he is also not perfect.
          You are absolutely correct when you say that a Situpa, Gyaltsapa, Kongtrol, Sharmapa, and other Kagyu lamas can find a Karmapa, but a Karmapa recognises himself as did TTD. Your list does not include the Dalai Lama or any Chinese government does it? I firmly believe that the Dalai Lama had no business recognising anyone in our lineage, Situ and Akong should have found another way to provide legitimacy to their candidate. They were poor managers and just wanted to push this thing through at what seems was at any cost. You are further correct in saying that there would be a revolt if Tibetans thought the Dalai Lama was interfering or colluding with Situ to control the lineage, well done, and now you know that Sharmapa has led that revolt and found many supporters not just family and students and we are here today to remind everyone that the outside influence is not going to work.

          Incendently there was a Karmapa I think the 11th or 12th who died very early on in life. This accounts for the Tai Situ being the lama for the 16th Karmapa when you do the math.

          The third person I met was a lama. Actually, he was the lama of a fellow guest in my guesthouse on Rumtek. I had got to talking to a wealthy Chinese lady from HK, she was new to the Buddha Dharma so our conversation did not go too deep. But she was very kind and invited me to have dinner with her and her lama, from Kalu Rimpoche’s Monastery, the next night. We had a lovely time talking dharma teachings he asked me every dharma and meditation question he could before he asked me who my lama was. When I told him, he could not believe me, that he was sitting with a middle-aged white guy who used the very same analogies to explain the dharma as he had learned from his lama. It was only natural, Ole and Hannah spent lots of time with the renowned Kalu Rimpoche why should the dharma be any different. I broke some concepts with him that evening when we discovered that we had so much in common. Could this be right view?



  5. Hi again QP. This will have to be my last post because of work pressure but also I think we are retrenching to the old stories that serve no purpose.

    If you truly believe the conspiracy theories that OTD is laundering 1 trillion dollars (or even the billion you mention later) for the Chinese Communist party, then no reconciliation is possible. Why would anyone want to be associated with such a crook? Why would TTD reach out to someone like that? Maybe he wants a slice of the action? Come on!

    I think we have to assume good motives on both sides for this to move on. Maybe, as I saw someone else suggest elsewhere on the net, reconciliation is not possible but maybe an amicable divorce is. Mutual respect, a cessation of hostilities and a fair division of assets.

    It is not our decision to make (thankfully). It will be the decision of each of us to decide to live with any deal that is made or not. That is our practice.

    I always felt sad for Bill that he was never able to move on from death of the 16th Karmapa. He has ended up bitter and not a little crazy. I hope our generation does make the mistake he made.

    I wish you well.


    1. Dear Warrenz, thank you once again, I too have time pressures so I understand completely. I do feel we made progress between you and I. I certainly understand your side better thank you. I have also been inspired to read the book from Lea Terhune (if you would recommend it) to understand even more and that’s a good thing. I’ll go back and count the zeros in my last post one billion would have nine zeros (a thousand million), not six or twelve. If I made an error I will correct it.
      My last thoughts,
      There are a few definitions of the word LAMA and although none of them is exactly correct due to translation and cultural influences, the ones I like the best are “highest example” or “the one so heavy he cannot fall over”. I think many can forgive and forget all the things that happened years ago, time heals old wounds. And really the two boys were too young to be responsible for anything done on their behalf. I understand the need to believe in something greater than oneself we all have this inside. But what we see now in the last few years from OTD is unbecoming of a lama let alone a Karmapa, a person who hides money from his government is a crook, it’s a fact, he did it. But to reach out to someone that you have a dispute with is not a crime, it is a good thing. Crook or not, we need to settle this one way or another. OTD’s actions are not a good example and with his depression well he fell over.

      If someone finds OTd’s transition from suffering because he had no toys to illegal Money (the Indian government who should have been able to tax it) from the Chinese as an inspiring Buddhist teaching they are a better Buddhist than I am IMHO. The Buddha said himself “don’t believe anything I say because I am the Buddha, test it out for yourself.” When I test this it stinks badly, sorry to say.

      Dear Warrenz, I am really happy to have met you on Bill’s site, thanks Bill! I agree about Bill wholeheartedly, but I am sure he will find his way and his new business will prosper. Thanks for this amazing and thoughtful discussion. Perhaps you are right this is why we need two Karmapas in this time and neither of them should quit. Everything is possible from the richness of space and mind and everyone needs something to believe in. So if we can forget the things long ago, work on what we have now, and somewhere begin to respect one another and maybe even cooperate, then we have learned something. When we can see a Buddha in each other’s face we have realized something. And then maybe just maybe the Buddhas will smile once again upon us.

      Ps. If you have time and would leave some feedback on my Dharma only articles I would be honoured to hear your expert opinion or if it could be better explained.

      Thank you, if I ever meet a guy named Warrenz, I would love to share a beer or a coffee with him. Be well, be happy, and be inspired by the Buddha dharma.

      Your friend,


      Thank you to all the others who have read along and not commented, be well and be happy, and stop by once in a while or give me a follow, I would appreciate it.


  6. So warrenz I hope you, your loved ones, and your practice are doing well. I was wondering how you interpret the defening silence from OTD since his botched video appearance in Toronto, and the two political no shows in Toronto and also in India? Has anything changed on your end that we don’t see in the public?



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